Teachers and methodologists from Russia and the CIS countries are invited to participate

Teachers and methodologists from Russia and the CIS countries are invited to participate.

More than 1.5 thousand children from the Moscow region will have a rest in the fourth shift in children’s camps at the resorts of the Black Sea coast, the press service of the Ministry of Social Development of the Moscow Region reports.

“Children will go to children’s health organizations in the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea. All children’s camps have their own beach, five meals a day, including a fruit snack, as well as educational and entertainment programs, ”said the Minister of Social Development of the region Irina Fayevskaya.

The press service notes that more than 4 thousand children from the Moscow Region have already rested in the resorts of the Black Sea coast.

In total, in the summer health campaign of 2019, about 10 thousand children from the Moscow region will have a rest at the resorts of the Black Sea coast and Crimea with free tickets from the Ministry of Social Development of the region.

“Teachers, experienced counselors and animators work with the guys, medical support for the shift is mandatory,” said Fayevskaya.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to form a committee for the preparation and holding of the Tavrida-Art festival. The corresponding order was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

“To form an organizing committee for the preparation and holding of the festival of creative communities“ Tavrida-Art ”, – the document says.

The committee will include almost 30 people, including Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, head of Rosmolodezh Alexander Bugaev. First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergei Kiriyenko was appointed chairman.

The first festival of creative communities “Tavrida-Art” is part of the art-cluster “Tavrida”, which also includes a forum of young cultural and art workers and the year-round educational center “Art-residence” Tavrida “. This year it will be held on August 20-26 in Crimea. More than 9 thousand applications from young cultural workers from different regions of the Russian Federation have already been submitted for participation in the festival.

The festival will take place in eight thematic art spaces https://123helpme.me/hero-essay-example/.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that the Government of the Russian Federation will allocate 10 billion rubles from the reserve fund for the purchase of almost 3.5 thousand ambulances and school buses, RIA Novosti reports.

He announced this at a meeting of the Russian Cabinet.

“Today we will distribute 10 billion rubles from the government reserve fund for these purposes. Half will be spent on the purchase of at least 1.2 thousand ambulances and the same amount for the purchase of at least 2.2 thousand buses, which will be able to transport children of school and, if necessary, preschool age, ”Medvedev said.

The head of government added that the Cabinet of Ministers will also consider the issue of allocating almost 460 million rubles to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation to create new places in schools in the Republic of Sakha and the Sverdlovsk Region.

Pupils of the Sirius educational center in Sochi have created a remote control system for the fleet, TASS reports with reference to the center’s press service.

“As part of the July project and educational program“ Big Challenges ”, the pupils of the Sirius educational center proposed replacing the crew on the ship with intelligent automation, and the remote control interface was equipped with augmented reality technology to create the effect of presence. The development of schoolchildren will help reduce the risk of accidents on the water, as well as add 15% to the carrying capacity of each vessel by saving on life support systems for the crew, ”the press service said.

The project participants created six ship models, four of which were equipped with electronic and mechanical components, as well as video surveillance systems.

“We use machine vision to control the relative position of ships and collective artificial intelligence methods to control a group of ships. These are the main differences from existing developments, ”said project participant Maria Korshakova from Moscow.

In October, the developers plan to register a copyright certificate for the software, as well as file a patent application. After the end of the program, the guys continue to work on the creation of unmanned systems (BPS) for sea vessels together with project partners.

The press service clarified that in the Marine Technopark of the State Maritime University it is planned to build a three-meter model of an autonomous vessel – a training simulator, and next year a small vessel will be equipped with a BES complex at the maritime training ground. It is planned that then the unmanned systems will be launched into mass production.

The Sirius educational center in Sochi was created on the basis of the Olympic infrastructure at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The purpose of the center is the early identification, development and further professional support of gifted children who have shown outstanding abilities in the field of art, sports, scientific disciplines, as well as who have achieved success in technical creativity. The center is open all year round, travel and stay in the center for children is free. Up to 600 children aged 10 to 17 from several dozen regions of Russia come to Sirius every month. 

As part of a working trip with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to Sevastopol, where a meeting was held on the implementation of national projects in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol in terms of health care, education and culture, the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva examined the green corridor organized in the international airport “Simferopol” for vacationers of the International Children’s Center “Artek”, according to the press service of the Ministry of Education of Russia.

At the end of the shift on official departure days at the airport, children are met by specially trained accompanying persons. A separate X-ray scanner tape is allocated for the children, they are assisted at all stages of the route, including check-in and baggage drop-off.

The Minister of Education of the Russian Federation highly appreciated the level of safety provided by the employees of the Artek camp and the international airport.

“The green corridor for campers primarily increases safety measures. Children are under the necessary supervision, already stepping off the plane, and parents are calm, feel confident. This approach speaks of a responsible attitude. This is an initiative of the airport administration, but I am sure that such experience can and should be disseminated, ”Vasilyeva said.

The Government of the Russian Federation has submitted to the State Duma two draft federal laws, the adoption of which will ensure access to the market for services in the field of recreation and health improvement of children only for those organizations in which safe conditions of stay have been created. The projects were developed by the Ministry of Education of Russia together with federal executive authorities.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on August 15-16, an international forum “Education is the energy of the future” will take place, Interfax reports. It will be attended by about 300 teachers from the regions of Russia, countries of near and far abroad, as well as representatives of the federal legislative and executive authorities.

“The site was not chosen by chance, taking into account the rich experience of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the field of international humanitarian cooperation and the territorial proximity of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The substantive program of the forum will unite such topics as educational opportunities, innovations, investments in education, ”- stated in the information release of the regional government.

Participants of the large-scale event will discuss the availability of cultural and educational services for the population, real examples of implemented initiatives, attracting business to education, working with national diasporas and many others.

Within the framework of the forum, the regional authorities and the mayor’s office of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk “will demonstrate the achievements and successes achieved in the field of education, in particular the models of effective interaction between the municipality and the constituent entity of the Russian Federation,” the press service said.

Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva met with the head of the Sobinsky district of the Vladimir region, Alexander Razov. 

During the meeting, the prospects for the development of Sobinskaya secondary school No. 1 were discussed, the grand opening of which took place on September 2. The new school became the largest in the Vladimir region. 

The school was built in just two years as part of the federal project “Modern School” of the national project “Education”. For these purposes, more than 800 million rubles were allocated from the federal, regional and local budgets.